Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Welcome to another term in Higher and Nobler Education.

I am The Dean of both Inquiry and Community.

As the Cardinal wrote, lo many years ago, (attention now, an important quote/paraphrase is coming up--learn to read the telltale signs that there is a significant piece about to be revealed) "the university is the place where scholars are in community and inquiry is pushed forward." (extra credit for the scholar who knows which Cardinal)

As part of The Dean's duties, I will pass on interesting and relevant information in our study of the human condition, as non scholarly as that may sometimes appear. Do not lose heart, dear scholars, we are all students in this noble pursuit--although as The Dean, I am clearly superior in both wit and witness and my ability to hire and fire faculty, offer or suspend curriculum, give grades and assign homework. Fear not, a grading scale will be posted, and I will remind you about important dates.

From the Desk of
The Dean


k said...

I believe it was Cardinal Newman, oh Dean of Inquiry and Community.

The Dean said...

k I am impressed with your scholarship. It was indeed Cardinal Newman. Well done. 99% grade.